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Here is today's puppy dog. =)

Leyna is ready for playtime! She is a very active girl seeking a family that enjoys being outside for walks and tossing toys for her. Leyna tends to get excited to see people, and forgets that she is a lady in her excitement.

Leyna is a very smart little girl, she picks up on tricks (training), quickly. She just needs someone to help her learn them.

Leyna is a beautiful Terrier blend. She is a young girl too, at 1-2 years old she has a lifetime of love to give.

Adoption fee $150, plus tax.

Included in our adoption fee is:

Heartworm, Lyme, Ehrlichia & Anaplasmosis Test (for adults and puppies over

6 months of age)

Canine Distemper Combo (Distemper-Adenovirus Type


Bordetella Vaccination (kennel cough)


Spay or Neuter

Rabies Vaccination

Veterinary Exam Completed

Heartworm Preventative Given



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