Froyd, Haaven, Doran on Openline

News anchors John Froyd (retired), Jon Haaven (retired) and Kevin Doran (KSTP-TV) recount their days at TV 7-12, KCMT-KNMT while on the August 8th, 2019 Openline program.

Longtime TV news anchors Jon Haaven and John Froyd were joined by current news anchor and former intern/employee of KCMT-TV Kevin Doran on Thursday, August 8th talking about TV 7/12 on KXRA's Openline program.  The show was hosted by the last news anchor of TV 7/12, Joe Korkowski, with help from current anchor of KOOL-TV Mark Anthony.

The show is divided into two parts (AUDIO BELOW)

TV 7-12 Remembered - on Openline (PART ONE)
TV 7-12 Remembered - on Openline (PART TWO)