Master Josh teaches a martial arts class

Master Josh (Waltzing) teaches a martial arts class outside his Alexandria studio.

(Minneapolis, MN) A number of local athletes are going to be competing in this weekend's USA Taekwondo National Championships in Minneapolis.

Master Josh Waltzing of Alexandria Martial Arts & Movement says "We have 11 athletes competing in pattern, pairs pattern, board breaking, and sparring."

The athletes are Abby Kangas, Mitch Floding, Alisah Floding, Tallong Sinning,  Liam Sinning, Dylan Nordby, Levi Gibson, Buche McCleary, Burka McCleary,  Jackson Waltzing and Derek Waltzing.

Ms. Abby Kangas competes today (Friday) in individual pattern, called poomsae (poom say), and the rest of the team competes Sunday through Thursday.  Ms. Abby is part of Peak Poomsae International and trains in St. Michael with Master Patrick Hoth of the World Taekwondo Academy in addition to Alexandria every week.

Ms. Alisah competes tomorrow in sparring while Mr. Mitchel competes on Monday in sparring.  Mr. Mitchel is part of Peak International sparring team and trains with Grandmaster Eui Lee of the World Taekwondo Academy in Maple Grove.

Poomsae for Derek, Jackson, Buche, Burka, Levi, and Dylan is on Monday.  Board breaking for the same group above is Tuesday, while sparring for Derek, Buche, Burka, and Levi is on Wednesday.

Mr. Liam will compete in pattern on Wednesday and board breaking on Thursday.

Ms. Abby and Mr. Mitchel are also assistant coaches to the local Alexandria competition team.