Eelpout Festival Draws 1000's Annually

Leech Lake is the site, but the Eelpout Festival is the draw.  Each year organizers estimate 12,000 people attend the annual festival.

(Walker, MN) -- Starting today, the population of Walker, Minnesota will grow ten times its normal size as visitors pour in for the 40th Annual International EelPout Festival.

The three-day event on Leech Lake is named after one of the ugliest bottom-dwelling fish. Director Jared Olson says he's excited to see what this year's festival has in store as no two festivals are the same. In addition to fishing, there are eelpout kart races, eelpout curling, chainsaw carving, kids hockey, beer pong championships, live music and vendors. If you are headed to the festival, be sure to check for the latest ice conditions and road restrictions.

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