Wake Up Alexandria!

Horizon Public Health's offices at 809 Elm Street, Suite 1200 - Wake Up Alexandria will be held at the Alexandria Area High School on 4300 Pioneer Rd SE

The Healthy Voices Healthy Choices Coalition of Horizon Public Health will host the Alexandria Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce Wake Up Alexandria event on Friday, August 2 from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. at Alexandria Area High School, 4300 Pioneer Rd SE in Alexandria.  

The event is open to everyone. The $1 admission includes a light breakfast, networking and a chance to win door prizes. All money raised will be donated to the day’s nonprofit recipient, Kiwanis of Alexandria. All Chamber members will also be placed in a drawing for the Pot of Gold, which is currently valued at $3,762.

In 2016 the Alexandria area, through Horizon Public Health, was awarded a five-year, million-dollar Planning and Implementation grant from the Minnesota Department of Human Services and Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division to reduce underage drinking in this area. Through this grant, the Healthy Voices Healthy Choices Coalition was formed. It includes youth, parents, and representatives from businesses, media, schools, law enforcement, healthcare, government, and a variety of organizations including spiritual, youth, civic, underserved and others. The coalition is working to challenge perceptions and promote positive community norms while empowering youth and promoting healthy and safe decisions. For more information visit www.healthyvoiceshealthychoices.com.