(Alexandria, MN) It won’t be long before kids are back in school…..and that typically means a number of people heading to the malls to make some purchases.  In the absence of a couple of larger clothing stores, the Viking Plaza Mall is trying to rebound its vitality in West-Central Minnesota. 

It has been a couple of months since the Viking Plaza Mall was bought back by Lexington Realty President and Founder Alan Retinsky.  He says they recently solidified two letters of intent to fill space in the former Herberger's location and is working with local contractors and architects in attempt to give back to the city that has been such a pleasure to work with.  Retinsky was not willing to share the names of the businesses until the agreements are finalized. He did, however, make a point of mentioning what a pleasure it's been to work with both the city and county.  

He says the mall currently has approximately 100,000 square feet of vacant space to fill and he is committed to filling with new tenants.  

Retinsky did mention that he has/is working with Mark Lee Paving to fix up the parking lot.

To hear more of what Retinsky has to say about the current status of the Viking Plaza Mall, click on the following audio clip. (AUDIO BELOW)