SOWN organic oat creamer

SOWN organic oat creamer is made in Alexandria, MN.  They currently sell it in three flavors: Vanilla, Unsweetened and Sweet & Creamy.

(Alexandria, MN) SunOpta is on the cusp of a growing industry for plant-based retail sales.  This is not just a regional phenomenon, the company itself is a leader in the global market for plant-based foods and beverages.  The company says the plant-based industry's retail sales grew 27%, nearly two times faster than the total U.S. retail food sales.  They say plant-based alternatives are projected to increase from $29.4 billion worth of sales in 2020 to $162 billion in 2030.

Alexandria, MN is home to two different plants and more than 200 employees.  One of many products produced in the west-central Minnesota community is called SOWN.  It is one of the first organic oat coffee creamers on the market. 

VOA talked with VP and Asst GM for SunOpta's Plant-Based Food & Beverage Department, Lauren McNamara, during KXRA radio's Openline program on Wednesday, October 13th.  (AUDIO BELOW)

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SunOpta is currently hiring.  If you'd like to learn more about opportunities in the Alexandria area, click on this link.