Consolidated Equipment Group is pleased to announce the recent promotion and hiring of several talented individuals. They are looking forward to utilizing these talented individuals as they continue to grow their business, strive for quality and commitment for their customers, and an employee-centric atmosphere.

Tom Flynn - President and CEO:

Flynn has been with Consolidated Equipment Group since 2005, he joined the team as the Director of Finance. In 2012, Flynn was promoted to CFO. After successfully managing the company’s finances for several years, Flynn accepted the role of President in September of 2019.

As the newly appointed CEO / President, Flynn is poised to lead CEG into a stronger future through his dedication to creating a supportive, employee-centric internal structure that in-turn drives a corporate culture of being good stewards to our employees, customers, vendors and the community.

Regarding Flynn’s promotion to CEO, Robert Jantschek, CEG board advisor said “Tom has worked selflessly at CEG and has been the backbone for the company for years. He has been instrumental in the strategic transformation of the business, and systemization of its processes. Tom is a skilled leader and has been very successful in building out the business and its leadership teams. We’re looking forward to the growth and development of the business under his leadership, and admire his ability to focus his energy not on fighting the old but on building the new.”

Barry Voxland - Director of Operations:

Voxland recently accepted a position with Consolidated Equipment Group.

He comes to us with over 25 years of manufacturing experience at Toro and most recently served as their Operations Manager. Voxland’s experiences of quality, value, and performance will lead advancement in the attachment industry overall. He is excited to utilize his experience with manufacturing, sourcing, manufacturing engineering, design engineering and quality &

logistics to improve our efficiencies in our plant as well as build long-term relationships with our incredible staff.

When asked about this addition to CEG’s Team, Newly promoted CEO & President Tom Flynn said, “Barry brings to CEG decades of experience leading operations team at companies like Heat N Glow, Toro, and Textron, we are honored to have him leading our Fosston Plant. In his short time at CEG, Barry has focused on building his team to create an environment where our manufacturing facility can deliver on our aggressive growth initiatives.”

Scott Wiethoff - Vice President of Sales:

Scott Wiethoff returned to CEG to serve as the VP of Sales in March of 2020. He began his career with CEG in 2006 in Sales and later as the Sales Manager before leaving to start his own leadership development company. Wiethoff has spent the past six years as a Senior Consultant and Partner with GiANT Worldwide.

With over 20 years of sales and leadership experience, Wiethoff has focused much of his time helping unlock the leadership potential in others. He has done this by primarily focusing on assisting organizations in building strong, healthy teams across various industries and organizational structures.

Regarding Wiethoff’s return to CEG as VP of Sales, Flynn states ”It’s great to have Scott back with us again, he is an excellent addition to our team, the skills and experience he has gained the past 6 years will allow him build a collaborative culture while engaging our sales staff with purpose and leading them into new and diverse territory. Scott’s leadership style and commitment to our team is a huge win for us.”

Aaron Stubbs - Marketing Manager & Product Specialist:

Stubbs has been with Consolidated Equipment Group since June of 2014. He started in our sales department and quickly rose to one of our leading Product Specialists. Stubbs joins the Marketing Team and is excited to lead them in a new direction. His years of industry leading sales experience will help concentrate our marketing on a customer centric experience all while still maintaining his presence in sales to keep his focus current. Stubbs’ passion for using the equipment and displaying it’s features and benefits will help guide our marketing through better educating of our customers meting their needs.

While discussing the changes at CEG, newly hired Vice President of Sales Scott  Wiethoff said, “We are excited for Aaron to be leading the Marketing Team with his high level of product and industry awareness. His vast knowledge contributes positively to the future we are working towards at CEG. Aaron is a highly competent industry and collaborative leader who will guide our Marketing team to the next level.”