Learn about Climate Change at August Noontime Knowledge

What is climate change? How does it impact us now and in the future? Get answers to these questions and more at the Alexandria Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce’s Noontime Knowledge luncheon on Monday, August 19 from 12-1 pm at Broadway Ballroom.

Bruce Morlan is a twice-retired mathematician. On his first tour of duty in the Air Force, he served as a line crew launch officer in the Minuteman missile force. He moved on to perform analyses of ballistic missiles as a ballistics engineer, including analyzing Soviet submarine launched ballistic missiles. As the Chief Scientist for HQ Strategic Air Command, Intelligence, he educated others on the complexities of nuclear war and nuclear effects, including nuclear winter. He later taught at the Air Force Institute of Technology in Operations Research, Strategic and Tactical Sciences, and Graduate Space Operations.

After retiring from the Air Force, he worked at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, where he designed clinical trials, analyzed genomic microarray data and did big data analytics on physiology data looking for predictors of patient outcomes. Since retiring from the clinic, he has focused on public policy and decision making. Specifically, using his expertise in decision processes and working as a volunteer with the Citizens Climate Lobby as Chair of the Conservative Caucus, as well as with local planning commissions as they struggle to adapt to a changing world.

At the August Noontime Knowledge, Morlan will review his path of discovery through experiences with orbital mechanics and data analysis culminating in an actionable understanding of climate change as he discusses how climate change impacts us now and into the future. Noontime Knowledge is generously sponsored by Mid-Minnesota Federal Credit Union. The informative luncheons are held the third Monday of each month. Cost is $10 (includes lunch). No RSVP required – pay at the door. For more information, call the Alexandria Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce at 320-763-3161 or email info@alexandriamn.org.