On Friday, August 9 the Inclusion Network of Alexandria debuted their Voices Talk Show at Grand Arbor by Knute Nelson - All upcoming episodes of the show will be airing there as well as on Alexandria Community TV Channel 181. Voices is a roundtable, panel-based talk show that explores tough conversations that effect not just our society but our small town community - Voices' mission is to bring about more awareness of inclusion and social consciousness to the community of Alexandria and it's surrounding areas.

Featured on the Voices panel: Josette Ciceron, Host/Creator of Voices Talk Show; Preeti Yonjon Feist, Administrative Team for the Inclusion Network; Nathan Reinbold, Environmental Coordinator for Pope/Douglas Solid Watse Management; Debra LeDoux, Chair Member of the Inclusion Network.

From Josette's latest post on the Voices Instagram page: "Last night was perfect! The turnout was so much more than I could've ever imagined! For the very first time in a long time my heart is at peace and I know the best is yet to come! I felt so much love and support in that room last night, it was both healing and completely overwhelming in the best way. Keep watching, sharing, and commenting because it all matters! Alexandria, this ones for you!"

Ciceron continued, "Special shoutout to Deb Ledoux, Shari Maloney and my soul-sister Preeti Yonjon Feist for being by my side for this entire journey! Thank you Ty Granning and Eric Hartmann for helping me create my vision and just being awesome! Thank you Nathan for giving me that much needed glass of wine last night and making me laugh when I needed a distraction! 😂 We did it guys!"

Look out for upcoming panel viewings on VOA's community calendar page, as well as our Facebook page. In the meantime, here are links to the Voices Instagram page & YouTube channel:



~Ben Roberts was there on site for the event to take some photos of the very first Voices panel viewing.

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