(Alexandria, MN) Julie Hansen, 61, of Alexandria, entered retirement at the start of the year.  It was a celebratory achievement that was soured by intense hip pain that had worsened over the past 5 years. She ultimately went to see local total joint expert Dr. Dennis Weigel at Heartland Orthopedic Specialists for her solution. Dr. Weigel performed her hip replacement using the innovative Mako robot system, and Julie became the practice’s 500th Mako patient.

“Even that same day of surgery I was back on my feet and walking the halls and everything was wonderful,” and her pain in postop recovery, Julie said, was really minimal. “I was very, very pleased.”

Able to walk 6,000 steps the day after she got home from surgery, Julie’s results have been undeniably stellar.

“Before scheduling the surgery, I had made plans to go to northern Minnesota with a few other couples to go hiking on the Superior Hiking Trail,” said Julie. “I had a goal five weeks out after surgery to be able to go do that. So, that’s what we did.”

Dr. Weigel is using the robotic system exclusively during his joint replacement surgeries.  He explains more about the use of the Mako robotic equipment during an interview with VOA's Joe Korkowski (AUDIO BELOW)