(Alexandria, MN)  Imagine running more than one marathon in a week's time.  Now imagine doing six of them in a week.  If you're still with me, try imagining doing that for a full year and a half.  It is the ambitious life of one Marie Leautey.  She is a French runner, known by many as Lootie.  She is currently on her way to run around the world.  Only six people are known to have done so already.  When she stopped in Alexandria on Tuesday, she had already run 18,114 kilometers (11,255 miles) over 528 days. 

The world run will take her across 4 continents from Ocean to Ocean, 23 countries, covering a total distance of 26,232 km.  She started this adventure on December 6th, 2019.  The 42 year old French woman finished the crossing of Europe (15,420 km) June 24th, 2021.

COVID-19 has made travel challenging. Australia and New Zealand are still keeping their borders closed at the moment and for the foreseeable future.

The World Runners Association (WRA) is the body that validates around-the-world journeys.  It has agreed Lootie should get to the next open continent when feasible, thereby getting an exceptional exemption from the "continuous direction" rule.

Marie then started the North American crossing from Seattle on July 3rd, 2021 aiming to finish in NYC by end of November this year.

Lootie considers herself an amatuer runner, who has been hopping around the world for the past 20+ years.  She has settled in Scotland, Germany, England, Switzerland, Greece and Singapore, where she has lived since 2012.  With an academic background in finance and law combined with fluency in 4 languages, she has spent her whole career in foreign countries and cultures.  A few years ago the idea formed to put her career as a CFO on hold for a few years and hit the road. She aims to see it all, first hand.  Experience the earth, one step at a time!

To carry her camping gear, electronic equipment, food, water and running gear, she uses the BoB (Beast of Burden) Ironman stroller.  This represents around 30kg which she will be pushing all the way.....around the world.

After running from Fargo to Detroit Lakes, Detroit Lakes to Perham, Perham to Wadena, Wadena to Parkers Prairie, Parkers Prairie to Alexandria, we caught her on her rest day.  Here's video of our conversation (BELOW):

You may have seen, or will see her running through Minnesota this week (9-12--9-18). This same woman, Marie Leautey, is no regular runner. She is on a mission to become the 7th person, ever recorded, to run around the world. Her travels, on foot, brought her to Alexandria, MN Tuesday. VOA's Joe Korkowski sat down with her and talked about the journey.