Sauk River near Sauk Centre

The Sauk River passes underneath Interstate 94 near Sauk Centre.  The 135 mile river is the heart of the watershed district.

(Sauk Centre, MN) Across the state of Minnesota, water planning entities are engaging in a process called One Watershed One Plan, which is sponsored by the Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR). The goal of this process is to encourage water planning entities to think together and act together on a watershed scale for conservation and water management planning and implementation.

The Sauk River Watershed, which starts in Osakis and meanders along with the river through Sauk Centre, Melrose, Cold Spring, Richmond, Rockville, and finally flows into the Mississippi River in Saint Cloud, encompasses nine local units of government involved in water planning efforts. These local units of government are Douglas County, Douglas Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD), Pope County, Pope SWCD, Sauk River Watershed District, Stearns County, Stearns SWCD, Todd County, and Todd SWCD (a small portion of Meeker County and Meeker SWCD are also within the Sauk River Watershed). Staff from these nine agencies, plus a number of state agencies and interested organizations, make up what is called the Advisory Committee (AC). The AC was responsible for evaluating the data presented and using their best professional judgement to prioritize and target water resources to improve and protect. This information was used to create water quality and water quantity goals, and content to explain this information was drafted into the plan document. The final plan, known as the Sauk River Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan CWMP, went through an internal review period as well as a public comment period and is now ready for a public hearing. The public hearing will take place on Thursday, January 28, 2021 at 6:30pm via Zoom remote meeting platform.

The public hearing will provide one final opportunity to the public to ask questions and voice concerns related to the Sauk River Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan. The plan is located on the Sauk River Watershed District (SRWD) website under announcements. Plan content includes, but is not limited to, scientific data, water quality and water quantity goals and projects, potential regulatory actions, the development of a civic engagement education and outreach program, and continued data collection priorities.

The comments received during the public comment period, along with the formal responses to those comments, are also available in the announcements section of the SRWD website.

Members of the AC will be present at the public hearing, in addition to the Policy Committee. The Policy Committee consists of one board member from each of the nine local entities. They are tasked with making policy related decisions in relation to the planning process and plan document.

If you are interested in attending the public hearing, and/or providing comments during the public hearing, we welcome you to do so! The meeting information is as follows:

To join by computer, use the following link:

To join by phone, dial:


After that first step, you will be asked to provide the Meeting ID and Passcode, as shown below.

Meeting ID: 894 7822 4502