War of words over "Feeding Our Future" fraud scandal

(Courtesy: Minnesota Senate)

(UNDATED)--Republican nominee for governor, Scott Jensen, is pledging to take several steps to combat wasting taxpayer dollars. On Thursday, he pointed to the “Feeding Our Future” fraud scandal, cost overruns on Southwest Light Rail, and other unfavorable audits over the past few years as reasons voters should choose him over Democratic incumbent Tim Walz. Jensen says he’d appoint an independent and non-partisan inspector general, reporting directly to the governor, who would have jurisdiction over all of state government. He also says he'd strengthen the state’s “whistle-blower” law and use tools to flag fraud in government programs, similar to private-sector methods used in other states.

A Walz campaign spokesman says if Jensen and running mate Matt Birk “really cared about good government and transparency, they would release their tax returns…instead, they’ve made it clear they have something to hide.”