Officer-Involved Shooting

On Friday, Douglas County Attorney Chad Larson released his findings from an officer-involved shooting incident in May of this year in the city of Kensington.  Larson issued the Use of Force Determination letter to Sheriff Troy Wolbersen. The non-fatal shooting incident happened on May 7th near the West Central Area Elementary School.    On that date, Douglas County Deputy Adam Kavanagh shot John Edward Kampmeyer while Kampmeyer was assaulting him with a wooden plank. As the letter further illustrates, Larson concluded that the deputy's use of force was justified under the circumstances.  He adds that because Kampmeyer is facing felony assault charges, he is unable to further discuss the case at this time.

Details of the May 7th, 2019 incident

During the early morning hours of May 7, 2019, Douglas County Deputy Grant Larson made contact with John Kampmeyer in the City of Kensington. Kampmeyer had been living in his immobilized vehicle for approximately three days which was parked on a city street. The deputy advised Kampmeyer that the vehicle needed to be moved or it would be towed to a repair shop. Kampmeyer become upset and left the area on foot. Deputy Larson then requested assisting officers to his location.  Approximately twenty-five minutes later, responding officers located Kampmeyer on Central Avenue. Kampmeyer was clearly upset and brandishing a wood plank approximately four feet in length. He began swinging the plank at the deputies who responded by deploying their tasers. The tasers had no effect on Kampmeyer. During the commotion, Deputy Adam Kavanagh fell onto his back. Kampmeyer approached the deputy, stood over him, and raised the plank over the deputy's head. It is clear from Deputy Kavanagh's body camera video that Kampmeyer intended to strike Deputy Kavanagh with the plank. At that point, Deputy Kavanagh discharged his firearm, striking Kampmeyer and immobilizing him.