Fight poverty in Douglas & Pope Counties

United Way encourages people to help them fight poverty in Douglas & Pope Counties.  Register here.

(Alexandria, MN) The United Way is looking to find ways to highlight and address the poverty that exists in Pope and Douglas Counties.  To that end they are conducting a Poverty Simulation on March 14th. What is a Poverty Simulation you ask?  It is an interactive experience where participants are placed into a scenario of a low income family. Your family is then faced with typical barriers that families experience when trying to make ends meet. Roles are based off of real families. The goal of those participating in the simulation is to meet the needs of your family for one month. The purpose of the simulation is to raise awareness and increase understanding about what poverty looks like in our community to engage participants in community change.  Currently United Way estimates 3,574 individuals in Douglas and Pope Counties are living in poverty.

They say the simulation is great for those in management and supervisor roles! Poverty Simulation involves empathy, self-reflection and builds stronger leaders for creating real change locally.

Although it is free of charge, you will need to sign up for the simulation ahead of time. 

Thursday, March 14th

  • 9:00am - 12:00pm
  • ATCC | Gym 120
  • Free to attend! Registration required!
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DOUGLAS COUNTY - Percentage of Individuals living in poverty : 8.8% (3,206 People)   Free & Reduced Lunch Rates: 30.4%*

POPE COUNTY - Percentage of Individuals living in poverty: 8.4% (910 People)  Free & Reduced Lunch Rates: 39.6%*

The federal poverty threshold for a household of two adults and two children is $23,991. A total of 9.9% or 72,023 people in central Minnesota are living at or below the current poverty threshold.

(Minnesota Compass 2015)

*Qualification: A family of four needs to make an annual income below $31,005 to qualify for free meals or $44,122 for reduced price meals.