Dave Hughes

Dave Hughes is a republican candidate for the U.S. District 7 congressional seat from Karlstad, MN.

(Karlstad, MN) -- President Trump's re-election campaign is demanding that Seventh District Republican candidate Dave Hughes stop using a 2018 tweet from the president saying "Dave has my total endorsement." The Star Tribune reports a spokesman for the Hughes campaign says they would continue to work with the Trump campaign's lawyers on the matter, but the tweet has now been removed from the front page of Hughes' campaign website. Analysts generally agree that former Lieutenant Governor Michelle Fischbach has the best chance of receiving the G-O-P endorsement in Minnesota's Seventh Congressional District.  Dr. Noel Collis of Albany is also leading the charge for the endorsement.

Long-time Democratic Congressman and House Ag Chair Collin Peterson has not yet said whether he'll run for re-election.