Turkey Burner Workout crew

The annual Turkey Burner workout takes place each Thanksgiving at Vital Fit.

(Alexandria, MN) Each year while millions of people across the country are preparing for a Thanksgiving feast, there are a few committed folks who add an early morning workout to the list of to-dos for the holiday.  At Vital Fit Club they celebrate all those anticipated calories with an early morning "Turkey Burner Workout."  (Vital Fit is owned by Jessica Downing.)  Dozens of people sweat it out each year, most for the full 90 minutes of the workout that includes a "Power 20" workout, "Cycle Fusion", "Core Fat Shred" and a 50/50 workout.  Heather Godfrey has been at the core of the group but she is joined by other trainers each year.  Another title for the Thursday workout is the "Thanksgiving Pie Cruncher."  Underlying the workouts is the theme of starting your day with an attitude of gratitude.  

The average American eats 3000 calories on Thanksgiving.  Although workout routine vary greatly, in the full twenty minutes of a high intensity interval training workout, a person could burn between 9-13 calories a minutes.