Saturday Crash on Way to Hospital

(Sauk Centre, MN)  Two men preparing to take their conceal and carry test were involved in an accidental shooting and a crash.

The Stearns County Sheriff's Department says Saturday night, the Sauk Centre Police Department investigated a single vehicle crash in the 500 block of Main Street North. They say a truck had run over an electrical box.

During the investigation, police were notified someone showed up at the hospital in Sauk Centre with a gunshot wound. They say the shooting happened at a home in the 49000 block of 400th Street in Ashley Township.

Further investigation shows that 32 year old Justin Henrichs of Sauk Centre and 38 year old Jason Rugemer of Villard were at the home.  Family members say during the transfer of the pistol from one to the other, the gun accidentally fired and Henrichs was shot in the hand.

The crash happened while Rugemer was taking Henrichs to the hospital.  Henrichs walked the remaining four blocks to the hospital with an additional injury to his other arm.  He was transferred to HCMC.  The injuries are considered non life-threatening.

Henrichs is employed as a linesman and was actually the person called to fix the electrical box damaged in the crash.  The power company was then informed that Henrichs was involved in the accident and unable to perform the repairs.  It was fixed shortly thereafter.