(Garfield, MN) If Dena Hintermeister could take back one day in her life it would be Wednesday, April 25th. She was burning leaves at her home near Lobster Lake, like she had countless times over the years, when sparks ignited the grass and quickly spread some 50 feet to a wood pile next to a building on the property. That building was more than an old shed. It was an old school house that had been moved onto the property in the 1950's. Her grandparents, Nola and Norman Foslien, ran a resort called Nola's Ark Resorts back then and insisted on buying the old school because of its significance in their family. Dena's great grandfather had attended that old school building when it was at its original location where I-94 now lies. Her grandmother Nola also attended the same school.

On Wednesday, just before 3:00pm, all that history went up in flames. The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office received an emergency call at the address of 497 Norlana Lane, on the northwest side of Lobster Lake. The school house became fully engulfed and was a total loss, as well as other personal items Dena had stored inside.

Dena recalls the significance of the building to her family. (AUDIO BELOW)

Dena says she was impressed with both of the Brandon and Garfield Fire Departments.  She says the way they were able to contain the fire to the area around the school building makes her grateful as there are homes on either side of her property, including her home closer to the lake.

Douglas County Deputies were assisted by the Garfield Fire Department, Brandon Fire Department, and North Ambulance.