2020 Douglas County Board

The Douglas County Board of Commissioners, Charlie Meyer, Heather Larson, Keith Englund (chairman), Jerry Rapp and Tim Kalina.

ALEXANDRIA, MN — The Douglas County Commissioners originally had planned to discuss the issue of refugee resettlement at their January 21st board meeting.   A federal judge has issued a preliminary injunction barring enforcement of President Donald Trump’s executive order that gave state and local jurisdictions the final decision on whether to accept newly admitted refugees.  Therefore, the Douglas County Board of Commissioners will not hold the planned discussion session of this issue at its meeting on January 21.

The board is not required at this time to vote whether to accept legal refugees through the resettlement program. President Donald Trump’s Executive Order was set to go into effect June 1, 2020.  In fiscal year 2019, 848 refugees were resettled across the entire state of Minnesota. From 2009 to 2018, records show, Douglas County has been asked to accept one refugee through this program.

Douglas County Emergency Management/Public Information Officer