Sauk Centre, MN

(Sauk Centre, MN)  An incident that began in Osakis this morning, ended with a Stearns County Deputy shot in the forearm with an arrow from a compound bow. The suspect, said to be a 31 year old man from the Osakis/Alexandria area, was then shot by officers. More than one officer from different agencies fired their weapons. It is unclear at this time who shot the suspect. Suspect was shot in the left shoulder, the buttocks and had a grazing wound to one of his hands.

A black pickup stolen from Osakis exited into Sauk Centre just after 10:00 a.m. and pulled into the John Deere lot and then ran into a building. The vehicle drove through multiple backyards and smashed into parked vehicles. The vehicle sped towards a residential neighborhood and smashed through a garage on 10th Street.

The suspect ran into a home through an unlocked door. Officers from Stearns County, Sauk Centre, Minnesota State Patrol, Melrose Police and Osakis Police tried to clear the home. The suspect appeared with a compound bow from the second floor of the home and shot Stearns Deputy Paul Orvis through the left forearm with a target arrow. The compound bow belonged to the homeowner.

Officers fired their weapons at the suspect striking him more than once. Officers and then SWAT Team negotiators started talking from the downstairs to the upstairs with the suspect. He told officers that he had been shot. After nearly two hours, the suspect appeared from the top floor, was tasered and taken into custody. He was brought by the Sauk Centre Ambulance to the Sauk Centre Hospital. He was taken by Life Link Helicopter to St. Cloud Hospital for further treatment of his wounds.

Deputy Orvis is in surgery to remove the arrow shaft and treat a possible broken arm. Deputy Orvis is a 17 year veteran with the Stearns County Sheriff’s Office. He is listed in good condition by the Hospital.

The St. Cloud Police Department will handle the assault investigation of Deputy Orvis. The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Investigation will handle the shooting investigation. Search warrants and a crime scene investigation also will be conducted.

Homes in the general neighborhood of the incident were evacuated by officers. There was no immediate threat to the general public. Sauk Centre Schools also went into lockdown.

Multiple additional agencies assisted in the response to this incident.

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