Brett Paradis

Brett Paradis is the general manager of Leighton Broadcasting- Alexandria.  Under the company umbrella are radio stations KXRA 1490am/100.3fm/105.7fm, KXRA-FM 92.3, and KXRZ-FM 99.3, the website, and the shopping site called the Big Deals Online Store.

(Alexandria, MN) Social media is still relatively new technology and presents new opportunities and challenges for businesses.  General Manager of Leighton Broadcasting- Alexandria, Brett Paradis, addresses a copy of a recent Facebook post that has drawn a lot of attention.  He issued the following statement Thursday morning.

On behalf of the ownership of Leighton Broadcasting – Alexandria and KXRA Radio, I want to thank you for choosing our family of radio stations as your source of news and entertainment. In the last 24 hours, concern and disappointment was raised over a social media post on an employee’s personal Facebook page.  After owning these radio stations for the past 31 years and spending all of that time building up our community, I cannot tell you how disappointed I am about this situation as well.  The post was in poor taste and not at all reflective of the views of Leighton Broadcasting or KXRA Radio. As a company, we believe in accountability and have addressed this with the employee regarding their responsibility for posts on their page.  The post has been removed and we are deeply sorry for this distasteful disruption. We support and value our listeners and the Alexandria community and hope that you will accept our sincere apology.”