Large Flag to Fly at Veterans Park

Crews from both ALP and REA practiced raising the large 30'x40' USA flag prior to Saturday's exhibit at the Veterans memorial Park in Alexandria.

(Alexandria, MN) Alexandria’s Veterans Memorial Park is open to the public and has been for a little over two weeks. It is a premier memorial for veterans with connections to Douglas County, dating back to the Civil War. 

Originally the group of veterans who are behind its creation were planning a big parade and celebration on the 4th of July.  The coronavirus pandemic has caused them to cancel those plans.  Organizer Russ Oorlog says ALP Utilities' Scott Dietz offered the veterans a large 30' x 40' flag for the parade and celebration.  With those plans on hold Dietz and Oorlog came up with Plan B.(AUDIO BELOW)

The veterans, with help from the city, ALP Utilities and REA plan to raise the flag on Saturday, July 4th at 7:00am in the basketball court adjoining the Veteran's Park.  It will be held up by crane trucks and some special rigging.  The large flag will only fly for that day, until 8:00pm.  

To learn more about the Veterans Memorial Park, including the names of veterans on the current monoliths and ways to submit names for future etchings, log onto their website,  You can also call fellow veteran and organizer Ken Voigt at (320) 460-8303.