(Alexandria, MN)  It's clear where these young people's hearts are at.  With the Andria Theatre having to go dark for several months, especially midway through a sold out kids program (The Student Theatre Project's run of Frozen Jr.), the theatre has had a difficult time staying afloat.  Several of the STP kids and their siblings (future STP kids) are selling individually bagged cookies, snacks and pop, water and juice boxes. Their stand is located at 604 Winter Green NW in Alexandria .  In addition to today's efforts, they will be out near the end of their driveway Saturday morning as well from 8:00am to 1:00pm (June 27th).

The kids (Claire, Ruby, Lily and Hazel) are just trying to do their part.  The gesture means a lot to the Andria Theatre staff.  Andria Theatre's Creative Director and the person behind ten years of STP instruction and production, David Christman, says "as far as the gesture what it means to us is both humbling and touching, that the community's willing to fight for us and support us in these uncertain times."  Christman also points to the value these kids must see in the Andria Theatre.  He adds, "We love our community and are proud to be Alexandria's theatre!"

The young girls' mom, Molly Eken, has helped with costuming on several Andria Theatre STP shows.  The family is also having a garage sale.