Kaisa tags off in relay

Kaisa Bosek (right) tagging off to Eva Weymuller of Washington after skiing the second leg of the 3x6km relay of the Youth Women's Team at the World Finals in Lenzerheide, Switzerland.

(Lenzerheide, Switzerland)  The Youth/Junior World Championships continue in Switzerland this week.  17 year old Alexandria high school student Kaisa Bosek is still competing there.  Kaisa's aunt Kathleen (Bosek) Rittenour is with her in Europe and is following all of the action.  She says, "The relay's are exciting to watch. So many of the European countries come out in "full force" to cheer for their country. Biathlon is very popular over here. Norway only beat Italy by 1.4 seconds at the finish line; with Germany beating out Slovenia for the last podium position. It was a great finish to watch under some extremely difficult weather conditions for the athletes. The competition was even delayed for the sighting in of the rifles and the start of the race due to a storm that went through before and during the race." 

Kaisa is the youngest member of the USA youth/junior's team, but has been one of the leaders, not only during her races during the Youth Olympics earlier this month, but during the World Competition.

On Tuesday, Kaisa's team started in the 18th position with Kaisa skiing and shooting the second leg. Lena Farra, from Utah, started the race shooting 0+1 before tagging Kaisa who shot 0+3. Kaisa then tagged Eva Weymuller, from Washington, who shot 1+3 before ending up with a 17th finish for the Americans (8:15 behind the 1st place team). Helen Wilson was pulled up to the Jr team who needs four skiers for their relay team and only have three competing at the World Finals this year.

Kaisa's next race will be on Friday with the 6km Sprint.