(Alexandria, MN) The good news is that the on-site investigation into the downtown Alexandria fire has wrapped up for now.  The bad news, the investigation is far from over.  More than a dozen experts were combing about the rubble on the north end of the 500 block of Broadway Street.  Fire investigators turned over brick after brick, looking for a cause of the devastating fire that took place on February 25th.  Alexandria Fire Chief Jeff Karrow explains in more detail the investigative process and provides insight into where it goes from here in this One on One interview (AUDIO BELOW)

If there is any other good news to take from the investigation is that the opportunity to finally begin demolition and removal of the debris will soon be given back to the property owners.  The cost to them and the timeliness of the clean-up will fall on the various insurance policies and financial options available.  

Video of the some of the fire investigation from Tuesday is provided in the following VIDEO CLIP.