(Alexandria, MN) Nearly five weeks ago downtown Alexandria was on fire.  Today, March 30th, there was a lot of activity on the 500 block again.  This time it is a group of fire investigators, trying to find clues to the February 25th fire that burned down four buildings containing many businesses and upstairs apartments.  As part of the investigation, Fifth Avenue has been temporarily closed off to traffic from Fillmore to Broadway Street.  Mayor Sara Carlson says, "Despite the Covid-19 virus pandemic we are proceeding and processing the fire sites."  She adds that "the on-site investigators will do the best they can when not geared-up to maintain social distancing and review the results with the appropriate individuals. We have the fire victims and building owners in our thoughts and prayers at this difficult time in everyone's lives."

The on-site investigators could be seen combing through the rubble, complete with cameras, clipboards and hazmat suits. Alexandria Fire Chief Jeff Karrow says the state fire marshal is onsite as well as insurance companies who are watching and waiting for information.  Mayor Carlson says that it will take some time for the information to be processed and for the insurance companies and investigators to officially turn over the area to property owners for demolition.

Here is some video from Monday morning, March 30th (VIDEO BELOW):