Sen. Bill Ingebrigtsen (R)

District 8 Republican Senator Bill Ingebrigtsen from Alexandria, MN

(Alexandria, MN)  Days before the 2020 legislative session resumes, Alexandria Senator Bill Ingebrigtsen talked about what he and Senate Republicans hope to accomplish this year.  The biggest item will be the bonding bill for infrastructure needs across the state.  He says his Senate Bonding committee heard from folks around the entire state, submitting requests close to six billion dollars.  In this conversation with KXRA's Joe Korkowski and Patty Wicken he talks about that and many more issues that will be on the agenda for the session.

If you want to contact Senator Ingebrigtsen, you can follow this link.  The session begins Tuesday, February 11th.

Ingebrigtsen serves on the following committees:

  1. (Chair) Environment and Natural Resources Finance
  2. (Vice Chair) Finance
  3. Capital Investment
  4. Human Services Reform Finance and Policy
  5. Judiciary and Public Safety Finance and Policy