Levy Voting for Alexandria Public Schools this November

(Alexandria, MN) On Wednesday, November 6th the Alexandria Public Schools will know for certain if voters are truly in support of a proposed Operating Levy for the school district.  So far, much of the talk have been in favor of voting YES for a $595 per student increase in funding.  The levy is being sought in order to make up for a state funding source that is not keeping up with inflation in the school district.  Superintendent Julie Critz says despite some of the lowest per pupil state funding for the district, they have been able to offset that deficit with the increase in enrollment (presumably as a result of the recent investments in the AAHS and others).  In 2014 when the new high school was opened high school student enrollment was around 1190.  This fall that number was just over 1350.  As the enrollment continues to grow, the need for additional support staff is inevitable.  The Alexandria Public Schools lay out the facts on their website, so you can make your own determination as to how you will vote.

In the meantime groups like the Vote YES committee are making their pitch to others in the district to commit to the 10 year investment.  In the following audio interviews, we discuss a number of objections, questions, and hope to clarify many of the gray areas with regard to the Operating Levy.

Interview with Superintendent Julie Critz and community partner and former president of ATCC Kevin Kopischke 

Interview with Asst Superintendent - Teaching & Learning Rick Sansted.

The Vote YES committee tri-chairs Anthony Zimny, Sarah O'Kane and Mark Anderson outline their argument in favor of the operating levy in this interview with Joe Korkowski.

For links to the the Alexandria Public Schools page on the levy, featuring many details of the proposal, impact scenarios and frequently asked questions, follow this link.

For information on early voting options, click on this link.

For a link to the Vote YES for Alexandria Public Schools Facebook Page, click here.