The Sky Over San Francisco

Anna took this photo down the street in San Francisco, CA around noon on September 9th.

(San Francisco, CA) Since mid-August California has been on fire.  Anna Lee is a 2015 graduate of Alexandria Area High School and has since graduated from the University of Minnesota and took a job for Wells Fargo in San Francisco.  Just to the south in Santa Clara nearly 400,000 acres burned.  Thankfully the Santa Clara Fire Unit says it is now 98% contained.  To the north in the counties of Sonoma, Solano and Napa, more than 360,000 acres were burned.  That is only a fraction of the fire activity throughout California, but for someone in her first full year in the state, it's a lot to take in.  Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Anna has been working from home since March.  She says the skies last week on September 9th looked almost apocalyptic as smoke filtered into the Bay area.  She noted that the skies took on an orange, Halloween-like appearance all day long on September 9th.  Anna says others are fighting fires and having to flee their homes, but their only real concern is air quality.  The air quality index has been as high as 161 and nearby in the fire zones the number is easily triple and quadruple that.  Still it is a challenge as the levels change daily and she's grateful for the buffering effect the San Francisco Bay area has in relation to the fires.  Anna spoke with us on Wednesday, September 16th about what she's seen and is experiencing through this past month. (AUDIO BELOW):