Facebook paged was hacked

(Alexandria, MN) Another Alexandria business has become a victim of a case of internet impersonation.  The owner of the business says their Facebook page was duplicated this morning by a hacker, who then proceeded to message their followers with a fake "You Have Won" scheme that asked for personal, financial information. She adds they have followers who are now having to cancel their credit cards and contact their banks. The hackers also created a fake website. The business has reported it to Facebook and are hoping for a quick resolution, including the deletion of the impersonating page.

This is now another in a list of businesses that have been targeted by similar hacks.

Here are some tips for other businesses and consumers regarding this type of crime:

1. Businesses cannot ask people to "Friend" them. They can only ask people to "Like" them. If you get a friend request from a business, it's fraudulent.

2. Businesses won't message you for your credit card information. If you get a request for financial information through a message - it's fraudulent. Also, never e-mail your personal financial information - it is not secure! Look for the "lock" in the website address (URL) bar. If there isn't a lock - it's not a secure site and you shouldn't share any personal or financial information on it.