Microscopic view of Coronavirus

Microscopic view of Coronavirus, a pathogen that attacks the respiratory tract. Analysis and test, experimentation. Sars. 3d render

(Douglas County) The Saturday report from the Minnesota Department of Health included Douglas County's first death as a result of COVID-19.  The report indicates the victim was between the ages of 50-59.  The Douglas County death was one of eight in the Saturday report.  Two other people who died were in their 50's, two were in their 60's, two in their 70's and one in their 80's.

There were 924 more Minnesotans diagnosed with COVID-19.  Horizon Public Health also released new information listing Douglas County with the most current cases within their five county region with 16.  The majority of cases since the pandemic began is highest among people in those counties between the ages of 21-30.