(Alexandria, MN) The Alexandria City Council met on Monday afternoon at 5:00pm for a special meeting in advance of their regular meeting at 7:00pm.  In it the council reviewed the 2019 Financial statements in preparation for the evening meeting and reviewed the city's COVID-19 preparedness plan.

At the regular meeting, the council reviewed the following agenda items which are contained in Tom Chorley's City Council Report (AUDIO BELOW):

  • City extends emergency policy
  • City takes ownership of Veterans Memorial Park
  • Donation accepted for railings for Veterans Memorial Park
  • City’s working to create an appropriate behavioral workplace
  • Donation accepted to further police public safety
  • On sale liquor license holders get a break
  • City’s Code of Conduct updated
  • Audit only infraction: assurance non-compliance
  • Street projects bid approved
  • Traffic Calming Island criteria and processing approved
  • Street projects closer to completion
  • Local street overlay project has begun

The next City Council Meeting is scheduled for Monday, July 13th.