Vehicles on Broadway

(FILE PHOTO) Earlier in March vehicles were driving down Broadway. Now, weeks later, City officials are concerned that not enough people are heeding the Governor's Executive Order to Stay at Home.

Alexandria, MN, March 30, 2020 – Mayor Sara Carlson, the Alexandria City Council and the Alexandria Police Department are asking that residents take heed to the Stay at Home order given by Minnesota Governor Walz beginning on March 27th through April 10th, 2020. Community spread of COVID-19 in Minnesota and nationwide is increasing.

We care about the people of Alexandria, so please stay at home. We understand that can be hard in some cases, but when possible, stay home and stay healthy.” Mayor Carlson directs to residents and the community of Alexandria.

Governor Walz’s executive order states, “Individuals may engage in outdoor activities (e.g., walking, hiking, running, biking, driving for pleasure, hunting, or fishing), and may go to available public parks and other public recreation lands, consistent with remaining at least six feet apart from individuals from other households."

Chief Rick Wyffels states, “We will continue to support local safety operations. Our police department operates to protect the residents from all harm. We ask that you stay home when possible and limit your time in stores or public places. Enjoy the outdoors as a family, but parents, please keep your kids within a watchful eye. All persons outside of your home should maintain a six foot distance at all times.”

If your business has operation questions during the Executive Ordered shutdown, visit this site for answers: