(Alexandria,MN)  The Alexandria City Council met on Monday, June 24th for a regular council meeting at City Hall.  Tom Chorley was there and files his city council report on the following agenda items (AUDIO REPORT BELOW):

  • Housing Trust Fund approved.
  • County Public Works buildings to get access to CR82.
  • City energy savings revealed.
  • City gets clean 2018 financial audit.
  • City pays for case corporation training trip
  • CUP application approved for Church For The Harvest
  • Unplatted property allowed for frontage on a public street

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(Alexandria, MN) The Douglas County Commissioners met on Tuesday, July 16th and had a full agenda which included the following items, covered in Tom Chorley's County Commissioner Report (AUDIO BELOW):

(Alexandria, MN) For several years the future of the Viking Plaza Mall has been on the mind of consumers. The status was questioned most with the one-two punch of Herbergers and JcPenneys leaving within a year of one another.  It has definitely been on the mind of Alan Retinsky. He is the Pr…