(Les Tuffes, France) The first day of competition began with a strong performance from Alexandria's Kaisa Bosek.  Kaisa competed in the women's 10-kilometer individual biathlon at the Winter Youth Olympic Games Lausanne 2020 on Jan. 11, 2020 in Les Tuffes, France.

Kaisa started out in a field of 97 and ended up the top American in 18th place during the Individual Competition.  Kaisa's strong shooting skill helped her stand out.  Despite very windy conditions she was one of only six females and two male competitors who missed only two targets.  

Kaisa's family, including her coach and father Jeff, uncle John Bosek and aunt Kathleen Rittenour are in Europe supporting her.   Kathleen said the highlight of the race was when the announcer called out (Kaisa's shooting 0-0-2-0) "NO misses for Kaisa Bosek of the United States, after her last standing bringing her to 2 misses total." Kathleen adds that the entire crowd just cheered.  She also noted that it must be a very educated crowd and therefore know how big of a deal it is to get that low of a score at this level.

Other American competitors included Lexie Madigan of California who finished 55th.  Maja Lapkass of Alaska came in 69th place. In the Men's competition Van Ledger of New York was 59th, Cale Woods of Montana was 64th, and Etienne Bordes of California was 76th place.

Following Saturday's races Kaisa was selected to take part in Sunday's single mixed relay along with Van Ledger for the United States of America.  The Single Mixed race was a "Mass" start. With the icy track Kaisa ended up having a tough time during the first lap. Both team members didn't perform as well as expected. Kaisa had an unexpected slip during the first lap and by the time she got up she was behind and had a lot of time to make up. She did well on the shooting range though and continued to gain on the track but it was a slow process. Her teammate struggled on the shooting range and ending up doing a few penalty laps. Together Kaisa and her teammate, Van Ledger, finished 21st with the time of 48:30.2 Sunday. The next race will be the individual 6K sprint on Tuesday, January 14th.

Team USA included Kaisa in one of their reports from Saturday's action.