Masks made by Grand Arbor residents

316 masks made by Grand Arbor residents.

(Alexandria,. MN)  Laura Kremer posted some beautiful pictures on Facebook Monday.  She works at Grand Arbor and took photos of all 316 of the masks that were made by residents there.  A cohort of supporters from the community helped.  Laura says "they have been busy sewing love into every stitch of these face masks for local health care workers."  She thanked Helping Hands of Alexandria, as they "were able to receive a steady flow of supply donations to keep their sewing machines humming!"  Even residents who can no longer sew have joined the effort by measuring elastic, cutting fabric and pinning material. Amid a distressing situation, residents have found purpose and enjoyment in contributing to a positive effort for the greater good. Laura says they care deeply for the community and are proud to help.