Phone Scam

(Alexandria, MN)  The Alexandria Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce is trying to help local businesses avoid falling prey to yet another scam.  Callers are contacting businesses and identifying themselves as an employee of another local business and trying to place orders on that business’ charge account.

The following is an example:

An individual called a local businesses stated they are an employee with a business that has a charge account there. They used the correct business information when identifying themselves. They stated they had a trailer broken into and needed to order replacement tools and they would send a courier to pick up those tools, which were instructed to be charged to their account. Fortunately the business in this example was suspicious and called the owner of the charge account directly to find out that they did not place the order. They avoided the scam, but some other local businesses have not.

The Chamber encourages you to know who you are doing business with! Share this information with your fellow businesses. "Together we can stop scammers from targeting our community!"