Mayor Sara Carlson

(Minneapolis, MN) -- Minneapolis police have taken three boys between the ages of 12 and 13 years old into custody after a carjacking and high-speed pursuit. The incident happened in the city’s Uptown area just after midnight Saturday. The victim, the son of Alexandria mayor Sara Carlson, was carjacked at gunpoint.  Carlson says one of five people who confronted her son put a gun to the back of his head demanding his car keys.  She says her son, a 2008 Jefferson High School graduate, was also sprayed with mace.  He shared that the suspects all appeared to be adult males.  Authorities took down his license plate number and a day later authorities received a hit on that plate number.  The vehicle was traveling from St. Paul to Minneapolis. Officers spotted the stolen car a few minutes later and chased it to 38th and Bryant Street in North Minneapolis where police say the teens ditched the car.  Eventually authorities arrested the young suspects. Because of their ages, none have been identified. 

Carlson says aside from the effects of the mace her son was not injured.  She says that luckily the suspects did not take his cell phone so he was able to call for help.