(Alexandria, MN) On Tuesday, August 6th, 2019, the Alexandria Police Department and the City of Alexandria joined forces with thousands of communities nationwide in a celebration against crimes and drugs called the “36th Annual National Night Out”. Our locally known Community Night Out emphasized “Growing Stronger by Building Strong Community Partnerships”.

The Alexandria Police Department invited community members out for an evening of special events planned and organized in a community crime prevention effort to send a strong message to our children and community about the importance of building strong community partnerships. Members of our community were shown what services the City of Alexandria has to offer to everyone and, as a result of some of these community partnerships, numerous organizations and businesses contributed to this event in many ways.

Along with city service demonstrations, the newly-added dunk tank was a huge success! Different city officials and employees agreed to be dunked to help support Special Olympics MN, and plenty of kids stepped up to the mound to test their throwing skills - smiles all throughout.

Attached to this updated story are some photos taken during this year's Community Night Out. Thanks to everyone who made the event possible, and thanks to all those who attended!