(FILE PHOTO) Alexandria Area High School 

(Alexandria, MN)  Alexandria Public Schools say they want to make the public aware of a situation that occurred at the high school this morning and their communication efforts around it. Internally they communicated with staff and students and below is what was communicated from Superintendent Critz to parents. Again, they emphasize there is no reason to believe there was any real threat to students or staff.

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Based on a student tip, this morning administration became aware that a student may have a weapon. Through the investigative process they learned it was on school grounds and confiscated the weapon. There is no evidence that there was any intent to do harm. School leaders and law enforcement worked collaboratively this morning to ensure the safety of our students. The student has been removed from school grounds and consequences in accordance with the district’s discipline policy will be determined. Even though there was no threat to students or staff, we want you to be aware of our response to this situation.

Staff have been asked to be attune to conversations and to have students meet with the social worker or counselors if they need support. Our primary goal is to ensure a safe learning environment for students and staff. At this time, school officials and law enforcement officials do not believe there is an ongoing risk.

Thank you to staff, students, parents and law enforcement for their partnerships in keeping our kids safe.