Loud noise in rumble in southern Douglas County

The reports are varied, but people all over the south side of Alexandria heard a loud boom and felt the rumble Saturday evening.  Some reports came from 6th Avenue East, to the east side of Lake Victoria, to the shore of Lake Andrew.  This is a very rough account of where most say the origin came from. 

(Alexandria, MN) On Saturday evening there was one unexpected, unifying event that shook the south side of Alexandria.  Although no official confirmation is known of what actually happened, a loud boom was heard between 8:00pm and 9:00pm on Saturday night.  Several witnesses say it was accompanied by an earthquake of sorts.  Douglas County Sheriff Troy Wolberson says nothing has been identified as a source.  Speculation has come in many forms; everything from someone possibly shooting a can of tannerite, to a sonic boom.

A woman who lives out near the Runestone Electric office just off of Highway 29 South and County Road 28SW says that she and her husband were talking with her sister-in-law in their home when it happened.  She says around 8:00pm they all heard what sounded like an explosion.  She adds the rumble shook the house only for a few seconds, and sounded similar to a loud thunder rumble.

Her husband went outside to see if he could figure anything out and whether anything possibly happened at the nearby REA building.  She says all of our neighbors were also outside trying to find out what happened as they had felt and heard the same thing.  People as far away from the area as 6th Avenue East in Alexandria report hearing the boom.

The Douglas County Sheriff's Office is investigating and would be interested in any information that could identify the source.