Nugent's New Album

The album "Shut Up & Jam" from Frontier Records was released July 4th, 2014.  Songs on the album include "Shut Up & Jam", "I Love My BBQ", "Do-Rags and A .45" among others.  The guitar-shredding showman has sold more than 40 million albums overall and performed more than 6500 high-octane live shows in his career.

Ted Nugent...musician, activist, AVID outdoorsman and perhaps future politician(?) will be appearing Sunday, July 27th at the Medina Entertainment Center just outside of the Twin Cities as he is in support of his new album, "Shut Up & Jam!"

KX92 morning show host Michael Right says, "Ted has been rocking the world for 50 years, dating back to his very first band he formed in 1960 in his hometown...and MY proud hometown of Detroit, Michigan! I had the pleasure of speaking with him on the phone as we talked about everything from music to politics to hunting and the great outdoors.

If I may take about 44 minutes of your time, click on the link(S) and enjoy!"

On the new album Nugent plays guitar and sings vocals, Greg Smith is on bass, Mick Brown is on drums, Derek St. Holmes plays guitar and sings vocals, and Sammy Hagar joins them on the song "She's Gone."