Michael Right, Def Leppard

ST. PAUL, MN OCTOBER 5: Def Leppard perform at Xcel Energy Center on October 5, 2015 in St. Paul, Minnesota

(Alexandria, MN) Over the course of the past few years we've been very blessed to have several conversations with various members of...what seems like...our GOOD friends, Def Leppard.  Just a couple of weeks ago, I spoke with guitarist Vivian Campbell about his health, his side project band Last In Line and the chatoic Hysteria On The High Seas...the band's first-ever fan cruise.  As Viv and I closed out the conversation, he did drop a subtle hint that the band would be stopping once again in the Twin Cities area.  Lo and Behold, the following day that we aired that interview, the band released the itinerary for their 2016 tour.  Sure enough, October 5th (EXACTLY one year to the day that they last played St. Paul with Styx and Tesla) the band will return to the Xcel Energy Center.  Tesla once again will be the opening act with REO Speedwagon being the middle act.

So there I was at home earlier this week minding my own business when I get a Facebook message from my good buddy on the west coast, Jody Glisman Best, who works several projects.  These days, she has become a HUGE part of the Def Leppard camp as she is unofficially the U.S. publicist for all things concerning the band.  So when she ask me if I wanted to Interview Joe Elliot the next morning, it was a "no brainer".  "HELL YEAH!" was my reply.  So Joe and I spoke of the upcoming tour, the cruise and the band's gratitude toward radio. 

This is my third interview with Joe, and ninth overall with the band.  Click on the link below and enjoy.

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