Def Leppard

Band Members: Rick Allen (DRUMS 1978-present), Rick 'Sav" Savage (BASS 1977-present), Joe Elliot (VOCALS 1977-present), Phil Collen (GUITAR 1982-present) and Vivian Campbell (GUITAR 1992-present)

(Alexandria, MN)  What a story this guy is.  Vivian Campbell of Def Leppard is a survivor. Period.  For some unfortunate reason, he's been dealt a bit of a bad hand.  "The Big C".  Cancer.  In the form of Hodgkins Lymphoma.  He beat it once.  It came back.  He beat it twice. It came back again.  Although both times this killer disease has come back to try and take this gifted and talented gentleman of a rocker, it's been while he's either been on tour or in the recording studio with his Def Leppard bandmates.  And both times, whether on the road or in the studio, he has given performing his undying best. 

Vivian Campbell is now proud to announce (in which he did shortly after his shortly after Def Leppard's St. Paul appearance this past October 5th) that for the third time, he is a cancer-free man.  And he continues to have that optimistic outlook on life. 

He JUST released a brand new album with his side-project band, "Last In Line" which re-unites Vivian with the surviving members of Dio, in which Vivian helped form with the late Ronnie James Dio and released their first album in 1982.  Vivian left the band after a fall-out with Ronnie in 1985.  Click on the two links below, as Vivian speaks with us for the second time in the last six months.  We talk about his health, Last In Line and the latest with Def Leppard.  Enjoy, everyone!