(Alexandria, MN)  Alexia Taylor found out on Monday that she was one of fifteen artists to be featured in an art display in New York's Times Square.  The Alexandria teenager has an eye for art and a heart for causes.  Putting those together you have the Glowing Glowing Gone project.  The campaign aims at raising awareness of the demise of the world's coral reefs.  It's a collaborative, public awareness campaign to rally creatives, brands and governments behind coral conservation & climate action.

Alexia follows a number of causes as a curious, caring, to-be-junior in high school.  She learned of the opportunity to create art that could play a part in drawing attention to the problem.  Although she herself has never had the privilege of seeing a coral reef up close, she wants that opportunity for herself and many others and; therefore, got right to work on the art.  Her challenge submission features a woman's face with a tear coming down her cheek and hair made of coral.  In addition to black and white, the art could only feature three colors; glowing yellow, purple and blue.  The colors symbolize the three glowing colors that coral turns to as it is about to die.  Alexia had created a previous picture featuring a woman with hair made of roses and used that inspiration to simply substitute the coral for her locks and the required three colors.  

Her art was one of hundreds submitted to Glowing Glowing Gone; the collaborative effort of the International Coral Reef Initiative, the Ocean Agency and the Adobe Pantone Color Institute.  The group alerted Alexia with the words, "We absolutely love your crying lady #GlowingGone entry!  So much so, we're going to be showcasing it near Times Square, New York this Saturday August 17th!"

Here are a few of places where Alexia's art will be shown:

  • Showcased on Times Square digital billboards (Aug)
  • Celebrated on Wetransfer global wallpapers (Sept)
  • Shared on social media by influencers and our partners
  • Used at Key Ocean and Climate Policy Events during 2019 and 2020

To hear a One on One conversation with Alexia, click on the (AUDIO BELOW) clip below.