Coming up on the 29 of September, there will be a special panel at the Alexandria Broadway Ballroom focusing on faith in the workplace. Presented by the Unity Foundation, this event takes place from noon to 1 PM with a lunch buffet to begin serving at 11:45 AM.

This faith at work luncheon features a panel discussion with local leaders, including Vern Anderson, Tim Cullen, Lynette Kluver, and Peter Nelson. Mark Detering will facilitate the discussion and will cover a variety of topics on how to integrate faith in the workplace. Guests will learn what worked for these local business owners, as well as hear lessons on what they have learned along the way, and receive practical ideas to implement right away.

Admission to this event is $10 per person with tickets available at the door. Business owners, executives and managers encouraged to check out this presentation and panel - All are welcome to attend.