Moore Speaks to the Unity Foundation crowd

Steve Moore used several stories to relate his message of prayer and hope during the Mayor's Prayer Lunch Friday, May 20th.

(Alexandria, MN) Steve Moore has now spoken at a Unity Foundation luncheon in Alexandria three times.  After his talk at the Broadway Ballroom for the Faith @ Work and Mayor's Prayer Lunch, he will most definitely be invited back.  Moore has led an interesting life to say the least.  He was a policy adviser and speechwriter on Capitol Hill in DC and also here in Minnesota at the State Capitol.  He followed a message by Alexandria mayor Sara Carlson who spoke of the importance of prayer when it comes to daily life and leadership.  

Moore advised that prayer should be inspired by a group of women he spoke about from the 1940's.  He said they prayed for God to put someone in place to do the work that needs to be done in each state of the Union.  Then countries throughout the world.  Moore said their example led him to believe that we should not necessarily pray that we can change people, but that God will raise up people in positions of authority who will do God's work.

After praising Alexandria for its tremendous example for community unity, he said he would often advise political leaders he worked for to come to Alexandria if they were ever discouraged.  The trips were looked at as a way to brighten their spirits and encouraging.