(Alexandria, MN) Craig Bjerke is the Ernie Unruh Christian Service Award winner for 2017.  Craig was seated among the large crowd of people at the Broadway Ballroom Friday, planning on honoring his friend Roger Rosengren.  Little did Craig know that he, in fact, was the one being honored.  As the name was revealed, into the ballroom poured friends, family (including his son and daughter) and colleagues.

A number of people gave their praise for Craig's many years of work in spreading the gospel, through a wide variety of ways.  Greg Nathe nominated Craig for the award and cited his thirst for learning, memorizing and living the words of scripture as something he aspired to duplicate.  Many others came up to both poke fun at and uplift him for Craig's bold delivery and amazing passion for following Christ.  Others to speak on his behalf included former colleagues at ATCC, his sister, his son, former students, and friends.  Craig's numerous ministries included prison ministry, various bible studies for all ages, and even a dish-washing ministry.  To hear some snipets from Friday's award luncheon, click on the following YouTube video. 

Once a year since 2008, nominations are taken for the award which is given to a person who has shown Christ's love in the community.  The recipient can only be lay person.  The award is named after Ernie Unruh who received the award in 2011, and has since passed away.  The third Friday of each month the Unity Foundation meets at the Broadway Ballroom to listen to a variety of speakers throughout the year.

Past recipients of the award include Ed Christopherson (2008); Brett Paradis ( 2009); Tim Ferguson (2010); Ernie Unruh (2011); Gary Anderson (2012); Lois Digre and Karla Stotesbery (2013); and Dr. Lowell Gess (2014), Dee Novotny (2015) and Jean Schonberg (2016)

About the Unity Foundation

Mission: To encourage and facilitate unity in Christ in the Alexandria area through workplace ministry.

Servant Leadership: We serve people in the Alexandria Area by energizing them around Faith at Work opportunities, building relationships, listening to their needs and consistently enhancing the events and services we provide.

Integrity: An uncompromising and consistent commitment to do what is honest and just regardless of circumstance. We do what we say and say what we do.

Relationships: We aspire to connect with the community through open and honest communication, always leading with an attitude of mutual respect and trust.

Passion: We are energetic about providing opportunities to advance Christ like faith in the workplace.

Prayer: We believe in the power of communication with God, and allow those communications to guide our actions. We also actively lift up to God the needs and blessings of others with grateful hearts.